Scott McNally is a ranch raised New Mexico native with a lifetime experience in ranching and thirty years experience rural property brokerage. Scott is also a licensed appraiser; keeping in tune with the dynamic aspects of today’s evolving real estate market. This diverse background provides Bar M Real Estate with the experience to research and represent western rural properties.

In addition to brokerage services, Bar M Real Estate offers a ranch property management service to assist the absentee owner in the everyday management of rural properties. The service is “hands on” ranging from research and hiring of employment personnel to livestock management and improvement construction. Scott McNally operated the 25,000 acre family ranching operation for over twenty years and is experienced in a diversity of livestock operations. Scott’s hands on experience also extends to wildlife management with oversight of the construction and management of two New Mexico Class A game parks utilized for desert mule deer and elk hunting.

Scott McNally is an active member of numerous state and national livestock organizations keeping current on the issues that affect property rights, water rights, and federal land grazing issues.

For more information, contact Scott at 575-622-5867 or sammmcnally@msn.com

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