Sultemeier Ranch

Sultemeier Ranch
Acreage: 11,889.00 ± Deeded Acres
  2,215.00 NM State Lease Acres
  1,640.00 Federal BLM Lease Acres
  15,744.00 Total Acres (24.60 Sections)
Location: Approximately fifteen miles southeast of Corona, New Mexico along and on both sides of State Highway 247.
Access: State Highway 247 along with county and privately maintained interior roadways.
Grazing Capacity: The grazing capacity of the Sultemeier Ranch is owner-contolled at the discretion of the ranch owner. New Mexico State University rates the area of the ranch to be able to sustain one animal unit on 43 acres on an annual basis. The rating converts to 12.88 animal units per section on a yearlong basis. Total grazing capacity under normal rainfall is estimated to be 317 animal units yearlong.
Description: The ranch is a noncontiguous tract of native grass rangeland divided by State Highway 247, which is a paved two-lane highway fenced on both sides. The largest area of the ranch is located to the north of the highway. The north side is partitioned into seven pastures and traps. Livestock water is provided by four wells ranging in depth from 160 feet to 440 feet deep. The wells are equipped with electric and solar powered submersible pumps and one windmill. In addition there is approximately two miles of buried pipeline to distribute water to livestock along with several earthen tanks and water holes that catch and store rainfall runoff during the rainy season. The shipping pens are situated on this side of the highway approximately one-quarter mile from the pavement. The pens are designed to sort and ship cattle with a set of livestock scales and loading chute.

South of the highway is the headquarters approximately three-quarters of a mile south of the pavement. Transwestern Road intersection Highway 247 from the south and traverses the ranch for approximately one and one-half miles. Transwestern Road is a Lincoln County maintained roadway and also provides access to the headquarters. Three pastures and a small trap are south of the highway. Water is provided to the southern pastures and the headquarters from one well approximately 650 feet deep, equipped with an electric submersible pump. The pumping capacity of the well is reported to be approximately 30 gallons per minute. There is a set of pipe pens located at the headquarters. Approximately 1,000 acres of cedar trees have been cleared and wind rowed to allow the native grass to recover. The benefits of the clearing has benefited the grassland turf.
Improvements: All the structural improvements are located at the headquarters to include one main residence, one secondary residence, a feed and storage barn, maintenance shop, working pens and overhead feed bins. The main residence is approximately 1,800 square feet adobe construction with plaster outside wall covering. The interior is comprised of two bedrooms, one bath, kitchen, dining area, den and office. Utilities include electricity, telephone, domestic water and sewer. A secondary residence is located just below the headquarters complex. This residence is wood frame with stucco outside wall covering. The interior includes two bedrooms and one bath.
Wells: The livestock and domestic water is provided by five wells that vary in depth from 120 feet to over 400 feet deep. The Wilson well is located in the north end of the ranch equipped with a solar pump. The East Well is located north of the highway at the shipping pens. The well is equipped with a submersible pump powered by a generator. The North Well is located in the north-central area of the ranch, north of the highway. It is equipped with a solar powered submersible pump. The Little Well is located on the west end of the ranch, north of the highway equipped with a ten-foot windmill (not in service). The Headquarters well is located south of the highway and east of the headquarters. This well is equipped with a high volume electric submersible pump with a pumping capacity of 30 gallons per minute.
Terrain: The terrain of the ranch is diversified that varies from gently rolling on the east end of the ranch to steep rocky mesa land on the west. The primary grasses include several varieties of grama grasses, western wheat grass, little bluestem and galleta. The terrain has substantial tree cover to include mostly cedar on the east end to cedar, piñon pine, juniper and some ponderosa pines on the west side along the Gallo Draw. The Gallo Draw is a significant wet weather drainage in the area. During periods of heavy rainfall, rainfall runoff from the surrounding area flows into the drainage. This is of benefit to the ranch with overflow areas, which enhances grazing and fills water holes for livestock and wildlife use.
Wildlife: Wildlife game species in the vicinity include mule deer, quail, and dove. Fur bearing species include coyote, bobcat, mountain lion and fox. Big game hunting may be controlled on the private land.
Climate: The climate in the general vicinity is described as semi-arid with the average rainfall recorded to be between 12 and 17 inches. The majority of the precipitation falls in the form of rainfall during the months of July, August and September. Annual snowfall may range from 15 to 25 inches, which is included in the annual precipitation total. Snowfall may occur in several storms, but typically does not remain on the ground for any extended period of time. The growing season is estimated to be approximately 150 days from the end of April to the first of October. The elevation of the ranch varies between 5,700 feet on the east side of the ranch to over 6,200 on the west side.
Minerals: The subsurface mineral interest of the Sellers is unknown. Currently there is a contract with a wind energy development company to develop a wind energy field on the ranch. The conveyance of any subsurface minerals or wind energy rights owned by the Sellers is negotiable.
Price: $3,750,000.00 cash to the Sellers
Broker Comments: This type ranch property is scarce in today’s market. Very few are currently being offered with the potential of the Sultemeier Ranch. Contact the Seller’s exclusive representative to schedule an appointment to take a look or for a color brochure.





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