Lincoln/Socorro Counties, New Mexico
Description: This is a first time offering of this quality ranch property, which has been under the same family ownership for the past 40 years. The 100 Ranch is a unique multiple use property that offers optimal opportunities for cattle production and big game hunting. There are several big game species in the immediate area of the ranch to include elk, mule deer, antelope, oryx and an occasional mountain lion.

The ranch is comprised of the following acreage:

15,941.00 Deeded Acres
30,290.00 Federal BLM Acres
9,208.22 NM State Lease Acres

55,439.22 Total Acres (86.62 Sections)

Grazing Capacity: 1,200 Animal Units on a yearlong basis as set by a Section 3 BLM
Grazing Permit.

Price: $11,000,000.00 cash (to include ranch equipment & vehicles)

The ranch is located in south central New Mexico approximately 20 miles northwest of Carrizozo, New Mexico, the county seat of historic Lincoln County. The area terrain is diverse with good deep soils, rolling hills, mesa country, all with adequate tree cover that is not detrimental to forage growth, but offers good protection for both livestock and wildlife.

The ranch is operated from a headquarters complex located in the approximate center of the ranch within the NW/4 of Section 25, Township 4 South, Range 8 East. The primary cattle shipping and processing facilities are located at the headquarters along with three additional sets of working pens in other locations. A well maintained county road provides access to the headquarters. Headquarters improvements are comprised of several modular and single-wide mobile homes and one site built residence. Additionally, there is a maintenance shop, overhead feed bins, feed and storage barn with attached horse stalls, hay barn, airplane hanger and cattle pens with scales. All of the improvements are in good operational condition.

The ranch is partitioned into 11 larger pastures, several smaller pastures, and holding traps. The pastures are watered by the use of six subsurface wells along with an extensive buried water pipeline system that distributes water throughout the ranch. The wells vary in depth between 600 feet and 900 feet deep and are equipped electric submersible pumps or solar powered submersible pumps. The highest volume well is located at the headquarters with ownership reporting a pumping capacity of over 30 gallons per minute. In addition to the permanent water sources there are 38 earthen surface tanks scattered throughout the ranch that provide a secondary source of water for livestock and wildlife. All of the surface tanks have been cleaned over the past several years.

The outside boundary fences are in serviceable condition with constant maintenance provided by ranch personnel. The interior partition fences are also in a serviceable condition with several miles of fence being newly constructed over the past several years to divide larger pastures.

The terrain of the ranch is varied. The lower elevation of the ranch is situated in the southeast area of the ranch ranging from 5,500 feet to 5,900 feet. This area is described as gently rolling to hilly with intermittent draws. There is a scattering of tree cover in this area of the ranch, primarily cedar trees. The primary drainage is Harvey Draw, which is a large open draw that collects rainfall runoff water from a large drainage area. Harvey Draw extends from the northern boundary of the ranch through the property, exiting on the south boundary. Other significant landmarks in this area of the ranch are Lovelace Mesa and Cat Head Mesa.

The western portion of the ranch is located on Chupadera Mesa, which is a major landmark in the area. Elevations on the mesa very from 6,500 feet on the edge of the mesa to over 6,800 feet on the western boundary of the ranch. The area is described as rolling to hilly type country with intermittent draws and drainages. Tree cover is moderate with several areas of trees having been mechanically cleared and stacked. Some of the primary drainages in this area of the ranch include School Section Draw, Aguilla Canyon and Copper Canyon.

Public access to the west end of the ranch is limited within the boundary of the ranch. The Forest Pasture located on top of Chupadera Mesa consists of approximately 7,000 acres is 100% private land with a gated and locked entry. The Forest Pasture is prime habitat for elk and mule deer providing excellent opportunities for a fee hunting program.

The 100 Ranch is a one of kind opportunity to purchase a ranch with tremendous multiple use possibilities. The ranch is offered turnkey with the equipment included. An equipment inventory will be provided, but includes ranch pickups, trailers, motor grader, dozer, loader, skid steers and several all terrain vehicles. This ranch is ready to go with no start up costs to the new owner. For an appointment to look at this quality New Mexico Ranch please give us a call.
The 100 Ranch is offered exclusively by:
Scott McNally, Broker
575-622-5867 or 575-420-1237
Paul & Stacy Turney,
575-336-1316 or 575-808-0134


100 Ranch Location Map


100 Ranch Land Status Map

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