The XT Ranch

The XT Ranch
Acreage: 800.00 Deeded Acres
  6,971.18 New Mexico State Lease Acres
  320.00 Federal BLM Lease Acres
  8,091.18 Total Acres (12.64 Sections)
Location: Forty miles northwest of Roswell, New Mexico all within Chaves County.
Access: U.S. Highway 285 north from Roswell approximately 25 miles then west on Stargrass Road for approximately 15 miles.
Grazing Capacity: The grazing capacity of the ranch is owner controlled and estimated to be 200 Animal Units Yearlong.
Description: The X T Ranch is one of the best grass ranches in Southeastern New Mexico. An excellent turf provides for a variety of forage. The Macho Draw traverses the ranch for approximately three miles, which provides overflow areas with giant sacaton. The ranch is partitioned into three pastures and two small traps with livestock and domestic water provided by two wells and approximately six miles of buried pipeline. Livestock water distribution provides for consistent utilization of the entire ranch unit.
Improvements: The improvements are comprised of one residence, metal frame shop, livestock shed and welded pipe working corrals. The corrals are designed to facilitate working cattle or sheep. All improvements are in serviceable condition.
Terrain: The terrain is considered to be gently rolling to nearly level. The Macho Draw is the primary drainage with overflow areas of giant sacaton. Four Mile Draw also traverses the ranch in the southeast portion of the ranch. There are several varieties of grass to include blue, black and sideoats grama with tobasa grass and galleta in the draws and drainages.
Climate: The climate in the general vicinity is considered to be semi-arid. Annual precipitation is estimated between 12 and 14 inches. The annual precipitation includes several inches of snowfall that occur in several snow event during the winter months. Winters are generally open with occasional periods of subfreezing temperatures. The elevation of the ranch is approximately 4,200 feet.
Wildlife: Wildlife species located within the boundaries of the property include desert mule deer and quail. There are several species of fur bearing animals to include coyote, bobcat, and grey fox. Hunting may be controlled on the deeded land.
Price: $1,750,000.00
Comments: This ranch is as productive as any. The terrain allows for easy access and management to all areas. The pasture design and water distribution provide for consistent utilization of the entire ranch. The areas of giant sacaton within the overflow areas of the Macho Draw provides the capability for a high concentration of livestock numbers during the growing season, which enhances the opportunity of any number of rest-rotation grazing programs.

This is one of the finest ranches currently being offered on the market. The land classification allows the owner control of the grazing capacity and some degree of access control.


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