The East Ranch

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The East Ranch

The East Ranch is located in south central Lincoln County on the north of the Capitan Mountain Range and east of the Jicarrilla Mountains is some of the best year around cattle country that New Mexico has to offer. Just forty five minutes from Ruidoso, New Mexico, a resort community that offers both summer and winter recreational opportunities. Capitan, New Mexico is located just twenty-five minutes from the ranch headquarters. Capitan offers schools, grocery, auto mechanics and banking.

The ranch is comprised of 21,000 ᠤeeded acres with approximately 4,000 acres of Federal BLM lease land. The ranch is operated from a headquarters located in the western portion of the ranch that is accessed by New Mexico State Highway 246 and Lincoln County Road # B001. The headquarters improvements are comprised of one modern residence, barns and cattle working pens. The pens are constructed of steel pipe with the cattle processing tub, squeeze chute and livestock scales under roof cover. There is an additional set of working pens located on the east end of the ranch referred to as the 7/11 pens. All pastures are easily accessible by vehicle.

The ranch pasture design is partitioned into eleven larger pastures and several smaller pastures and holding traps. The livestock and domestic water is provided by two wells with the primary well located off site on the adjoining ranch. There is well sharing agreement that will be provided to the new owner. The water is distributed by an extensive pipeline system that delivers water to numerous water storage tanks and livestock drinkers throughout the ranch. Water distribution is good. A new well was drilled on the ranch that has the capability to furnish water to the system, but currently is not utilized except when necessary. Water quality is good.

The terrain of the ranch is described and gently to steeply rolling with intermittent draws that carry runoff water and provide overflow grazing for livestock and wildlife. The soils are mostly loamy with the deeper soils in the bottoms of the draws. The primary grasses include blue, black and sideoats grama, galleta and plains lovegrass.

The climate is classified as semi-arid. The growing season in the general vicinity of the ranch is estimated to be between 160 to 170 days. Annual precipitation varies but the historical average indicates a range between 14 and 16 inches to include several winter snowfalls. Most of the precipitation falls during the summer growing season in the form of thundershowers and thunder storms. The elevation of the ranch varies from 6,100 feet on the eastern portion of the ranch to 6,350 feet on the western portion of the ranch.

Wildlife in the area includes pronghorn antelope, mule deer, elk, bobcat, coyote, mountain lion and bear. The Lincoln National Forest is just minutes away, which offers hunting, hiking and other recreational activities.

Price: $6,100,000.00

Brokers Comments:
The East Ranch offers a solid turf grazing unit that has good water distribution and good functional facilities. The ranch has good access with all pastures easily accessible by vehicle. It is ready to turn your cattle out. The ranch is located in an area that has serious wind energy development potential. All wind rights will be conveyed with the ranch.


In addition to the ranch properties that we currently have listed there are several other properties that are available, but not actively being marketed. Contact us and we will give you the information.
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