The Double L Ranch


The Double L Ranch is a described as a high desert ranch with diversified forage and terrain. The location is south central New Mexico approximately 15 miles road miles west of Carrizozo, which is the county seat of historic Lincoln County. Access is from paved U.S. Highway 380 west of Carrizozo. The southern boundary of the ranch is located approximately 4 miles south of the highway. The headquarters is another four miles to the south.

The ranch is comprised of 640.0± Deeded Acres, 961.4 New Mexico State Lease Acres and 11,246.0 Federal Lease Acres. The federal lease lands are administered by the Department of Interior's Bureau of Land Management. The grazing capacity of the ranch is established at 175 Animal Units on a yearlong basis under a Section 3 B.L.M. grazing permit. The grazing allotment as referred to as the Crockett Allotment.

The ranch is partitioned into three larger pastures and three smaller pastures and traps. Livestock and domestic water is provided by three wells that range in depth from 220 feet to 440 feet deep. One of the wells is equipped with a windmill, the other two with solar pumps. In addition to a solar pump, the Headquarters Well is equipped with an electric submersible pump powered by an electric generator.

An extensive buried water pipeline system extends throughout the ranch. The water for the pipeline system is interconnected to all three wells. The water system provides water to all pastures with at least three permanent water sources in each of the larger pastures. Additionally there are numerous earthen surface tanks constructed throughout the ranch that catch and store rainfall runoff water for use by livestock and wildlife.

The ranch is operated from a headquarters located in the southeast quadrant of the ranch accessed by a privately maintained roadway. The headquarters improvements include one residence that has recently been renovated, storage sheds, hay barn and corrals. The corrals at the headquarters are the primary livestock facilities on the ranch. The improvements are in serviceable condition. No electric service is available to the ranch, but the residence is equipped with solar power with generator backup.

The terrain of the ranch is described as diversified range sites varying from nearly level to gently sloping flats on the southern end of the ranch to significant hill land on the southern and western area of the ranch. The Carrizozo lava flow forms the eastern boundary of the ranch. Vegetation includes browse and grass species. The primary grasses include, but are not limited to several varieties of grama grass, tobosa, three awns, and alakali sacaton.

The general area of the ranch has experienced dry conditions over the past year, but a rotational grazing program has preserved the integrity of the ranch resources.

This is a unique ranch unit with restricted access, diversified terrain, scenic views and a good and dependable water source. Range conditions are much improved. Call for an appointment to arrange a viewing of the property.

Access to the ranch property is through the neighboring ranch by signed right of way agreement. The access road into the ranch is currently described as difficult because of recent heavy rains. With this in mind the price of the ranch has been reduced from $1,500,000.00 to $1,150,000.00 to include 73 mature brangus cows and six brangus bulls.

Price: $1,150,000.00 cash (to include cattle and a small amount of equipment)

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